A title image for my review of Costa Coffee which I gave five stars.

Coffee Bean Bag - No.1 (Costa Coffee)

My challenge for 2022 (I know, its a month late...) is to try and expand the variety of coffee beans I drink by buying different brands. 

At the moment I tend to stick to the same brand from Costco, which is fine for my daily filtered coffee fix. But it would be nice to try something different in my espresso machine. 

So, each time I buy a new bag of beans, it has to be one I haven't brought before.

First off I'm starting with a bag of beans from the Costa Coffee range. The Costa Coffee Mocha Italia Signature blend. 

Bag of Costa Coffee beans infront of a coffee machine.



As an avid Costa coffee drinker I didn't think I'd have a problem with these beans and I was right. They were  lovely.


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