A title image for my review of Union Revelation Coffee which I gave two stars.

Coffee Bean Bag - No.4 (Union Revelation)

My next coffee selection was from Union roasted coffee.  It was their Revelation espresso blend.

A bag of Union Revelation Coffee sits next to a sage espresso machine.


I chose this coffee as I loved all the detail on the bag. Not only a best before date, but also a roasted date and who they were roasted by. Unfortunately being supermarket sold coffee, you are not going to get freshly roasted beans, these were roasted two months ago. But it still nice to see those details.

Now, I tried to like this coffee, I really did. But either my machine didn't want to play ball or I was doing something wrong. After wasting quite a bit of coffee I finally made a cup and I have to say, it was not the coffee taste I like. 

I managed to make a few more cups out of it before the beans ran out, but each tasted the same. Such a shame.


A miniature version of a bag of Union revelation Coffee sat next to a jar with other miniature coffee bags.
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