A title image for my review of Bosh Coffee which I gave three stars.

Coffee Bean Bag - No.7 (Bosh Coffee)

So I made the decision to stop buying coffee based on the look of the packaging. I also decided it was time to stop looking in Supermarkets for coffee beans and start searching the internet. 

My first discovery was Bosh Coffee. A coffee company that is run by Thomas Skinner who found fame in series 15 of the UK TV show "The Apprentice". They sell two different strengths of coffee plus hot chocolate and tea.

The website states that they supply freshly roasted although there was no roasting date on the bag which is a shame.

I ordered a packet of the "Get up and Go" and it arrived a few days later.


A bag of Bosh Coffee sits next to a sage espresso machine.

The verdict

It was nice coffee. I wasn't blown away by the taste but neither did I find it too bitter or offensive. Would I buy it again, probably not.

A miniature version of a bag of Bosh Coffee sat next to a jar with other miniature coffee bags.


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