Coffee Bean Bag No.8 - Blackridge

Coffee Bean Bag No.8 - Blackridge


So far in my coffee journey I have only tried the standard bags of coffee beans that you can buy in most supermarkets or chain coffee shops. It was about time I tried some coffee from one of the many independent roasters that exist in the UK.

I settled on Blackridge Coffee Company as my first leap into this world after discovering them on social media. Blackridge are a small, independent coffee company based in the UK.

On their website they sell six different varieties of coffee bean blends and six single origin bean bags. I settled for a blend called "Bright Spark Espresso" literally because it was called espresso and that's what I enjoy drinking!

Cost and delivery

A bag of 250g beans cost a total of £6.50 (plus a delivery cost of £3.50) though there are different prices depending on the size of the bag. They also offer different style of ground coffee for various brewing methods.

I ordered my bag and they arrived just a few days later.  Well packaged and nicely bagged. It was also nice to see the roasting date on the back.

Bag of Blackridge Coffee beans sat next to an espresso machine.



I'm not sure if this is because they were my first taste of freshly roasted beans or just because they are such lovely beans but I really enjoyed this blend. It has a smooth taste without any bitterness. 


Tasted great, cost not too prohibitive, arrived fast. Would I buy them again? Yes. Would I recommend them? Yes

.Miniaturised bag of Blackridge Coffee next to a jar filled with other miniature coffee bags.

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