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Coffee Bean Bag No.9 - Moon Roast Candover Blend


My next coffee experience was also to be from a local coffee roastery. I chose Moon Roast Coffee as I’d tried their coffee before as it is served in a local Farm shop cafe. 

On their website they sell quite a wide variety of coffee blends and single beans. Each product was shown with a huge amount of information. This made it harder for me to choose (I’m never very good at deciding!) So I went for the Candover blend. In hindsight that was a daft idea and I should probably have settled with an espresso blend as that it what I use the beans for. It may have been the description of “velvety chocolate” that convinced me!

Each product can also be bought as either beans or read ground. 

Cost and delivery

A bag of 225g beans cost a total of £8.40 (plus delivery if you spend under £30) Although there are different prices depending on the size of the bag there is no change in cost for having the beans ground.

I ordered my bag and they arrived very quickly.  Well packaged and nicely bagged. Again it was nice to see the roasting date on the back. It also included a money off coupon which was a nice touch.A image of an opened delivery box from Moon Roast. Contains a bag of coffee beans, coupon card and information sheet.



Honestly, I didn’t enjoy these beans as much as I thought I would. It could be my methods, it could be that these beans were not an espresso blend, but I found the taste to be rather bitter. 

A bag of Moon Roast Candover photographed sat next to a Sage coffee machine.



Moonroast have a great website full of tons of information. I think my main problem was I chose the wrong beans for my drink. I will be trying Moon Roast again, but this time with an espresso blend so check back in a few weeks for that.

A minature version of the Moon Roast Condover coffee next to a jar with other miniature coffee bags 

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