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Introduction to my 2022 Coffee Challenge

I like coffee, but you’ve only got to take a look at the name of this site to realise that! 

I drink a lot of coffee and like most, I picked a coffee brand I liked and stuck with it, day in and day out. Why change something that works? But then I realised that this was stupid. There are so many coffee roasters just in this country alone (in fact a quick Google search reveals that there are over 600!), that I was probably missing out on so much. 


So, I decided that 2022 was going to be different. I was going to try as many different brands of coffee beans as I could. To keep it simple I started with those I could find in the supermarket, but that didn’t last. I was soon checking out local (and not so local) roasters to see what they had to offer.

Hot, freshly brewed coffee is being poured into a mug

I’m not for on moment trying to pretend I am anything but an amateur coffee taster. My knowledge of coffee beans, where they come from and the process they go through to reach my coffee machine is limited. But I am hoping that over the course of this year I will study more, drink more and learn more about those magical little beans and as I do I will impart this knowledge onto anyone who reads this blog.


So, strap in, turn on the kettle and lets get brewing… 

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