Grow my own coffee bean – the five year plan!

Grow my own coffee bean – the five year plan!

Part of my plan with “Cats and Coffee” is to spend time learning about, well, cats and coffee. I already own a cat so I’m pretty covered there, but I don’t ‘own’ any coffee. 

Now, apparently it is possible, even in this country, to grow your own coffee plant. What better way to learn about how coffee works. After a small amount of research I discovered that if I wanted to feed my coffee habit of roughly 3 cups a day I would need 16 fully grown coffee plants (thank you to for that information). Buying even one fully grown coffee plant feels like cheating. If I am going to do this I am going to do it properly and from scratch.

My second piece of research was where to buy coffee seeds from. Amazon produced so many results I just picked the top two. The contents are simple, it looks pretty easy. What could go wrong? 

First instruction, soak seeds for 24 hours. I guess I’ll be back in 24 hours then.

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