Grow my own coffee bean – the five year plan – LATEST UPDATE!

Grow my own coffee bean – the five year plan – LATEST UPDATE!

It’s been over four months since I planted the coffee beans. I’ve kept them watered, I’ve kept them warm and here is how they look now..

I’m pretty sure that by now I should be seeing at least a slight sign that at least one of them has decided to start growing, but no. Nothing.

I’m not giving up, I will leave them for two more months before they end up in the bin.

In the meanwhile I’m impatient and still want to grow my own coffee. After a quick search on Google I realised I could just order my own coffee plant, that, while still young, has at least grown beyond bean stage. I settled on using Gardens 4 You and ordered a coffee plant, that apparently came in a scented pot (bonus!)

A few days later it arrived. Having never ordered a plant via the post, I was impressed with not just how well it was packaged, but how it survived the journey!

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure about the scented pot. To me it doesn’t smell of coffee (I’m assuming it’s supposed to) I’ve been told that it smells of chocolate!

It’s now been unpacked and placed in a suitable place (next to the not so brilliant coffee – non growing variety – beans) and hopefully I can both keep the plant alive and growing, but also one day have some beans of my very own!


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