Grow my own coffee bean - UPDATE

Grow my own coffee bean - UPDATE

I'll admit, this update is long overdue. 

If you've not read my older posts on this subject here is a quick update.

I decided  back in 2020 that it would be fun to grow my own coffee plant, I had future dreams of the cups of coffee I would make from its wondrous bounty! So to pursue this dream I ordered two different "Grow your own coffee" bean sets, followed the instructions and waited. And waited. And waited. And do you know what happened? Nothing!

After waiting longer than the instructions said I finally gave up, this was obviously  not the easiest or best way to grown my own coffee, so onto plan B. 

Plan B was to order a coffee plant that had already been started, so basically get the hardest part out of the way. After a quick google search I ordered a "ready made" plant from "Gardens 4 You", an online plant garden centre. Now the only job was to keep this alive!

It's now eighteen months later and it's still alive! It's managed to survive two pot changes and the odd times I forget to water it. 

A coffee plant sits in a terracotta pot on a window ledge.

Now to wait for those lovely coffee beans....



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